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Going Green: Your Household Guide

Going Green: Your Household Guide

There's been a growing awareness that our continued activity as a species is having an effect on our environment. The global warming phenomenon affects everyone.

If you're concerned about the kind of environment you'll be leaving behind for future generations, there are some things you can do right in your own home to help stabilize our environment.

Find Ways to Shrink Your Carbon Footprintcarbon-footprint

The carbon footprint is a measure of just how much CO2, or carbon dioxide, you are responsible for releasing into the environment.

CO2 is one of the gases that acts like an insulator for the atmosphere, retaining heat and causing global temperature averages to rise.

Look at the products you use and the businesses you patronize and give your priority to those products and companies that emphasize lower CO2 emissions.

Use More Solar Powered Devices

Solar panels have grown more efficient and more versatile, and these days they can be applied to just more than a roof or a calculator.

There are now solar powered refrigerators and even solar powered chargers for your electrical devices. That's 100% free electricity.

Be Reasonable With Your Thermostat Settings

adjust-the-thermostatKansas can get hot, and it can get cold, but that doesn't mean you should overdo it with your HVAC system.

When it's a blazing summer, don't make your A/C chill your home.

When it's winter, don't drive the temperature up to the point you can wear shorts in the house.

It's a big waste that you end up paying for on your next utility bill.

Upgrade to a Modern HVAC System

Some furnaces and A/C units will work reliably for decades, but that doesn't mean they work at peak efficiency.

Older HVAC systems from the 20th century are not energy efficient, and that efficiency drops even more with each passing decade.

A new system can save on energy usage and ultimately the bills you pay.

Keep Your Chimney Flue Closed Off Seasonchimney-flue

Everyone enjoys a nice fire in the winter, and it's nicer still in a fireplace.

But once you're not using that fireplace anymore, it's better to close the flue.

Otherwise, you're creating a big hole for air to escape, and that means your A/C unit works harder than it needs to in the summer.

Switch to LED Lights

New LED light bulbs, and other systems give off the same brightness as old filament light bulbs, but they last longer, radiate less heat and use less electricity.

You save a lot when you switch to these.

Put a Tree in Your Yard

A/C units work hard in the summer, but they don't have to work anywhere near as hard with a tall tree in the right place.

Shade over a home makes a huge difference to how cool your home is! And you'll see that difference in the lower bills you get.


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