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Quick Guide to Why You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts

Quick Guide to Why You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts

Are There Health Hazards Hidden in Your Air Ducts?

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As a home or business owner, you spend a lot of time enjoying or working in your space. But how often do you stop to think about the cleanliness of your air ducts?

If you can't remember the last time that your air ducts were professionally cleaned, it may be time to schedule your next appointment, for a number of reasons.

Having dirty air ducts means that there is plenty of dust mites, pet dander, allergens, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne irritants circulating around your indoor environment.

On top of creating an inefficient HVAC system, these irritants could be causing real health issues to you or your loved ones.

Aggravated Asthma Symptoms

baby crying with an inhalerIf you, a loved one, or a fellow employee suffers from asthma-related symptoms regularly, dirty air ducts will only worsen symptoms for many sufferers.

The airborne irritants flow through the duct system when it is turned on, meaning that they are flowing freely through the home or office.

If you or someone you know is having a hard time breathing in only certain locations, make sure you check the following.

Signs that your air ducts are dirty:
  • There is a musty smell coming from your air ducts.
  • Vents are making excess noise or are whistling.
  • Allergy symptoms or respiratory issues are increased only in that place.
  • You notice excess pet hair or dust coming from your ducts and vents.

Higher Chance of Respiratory Infections

When your air ducts are dirty, airborne irritants are constantly being circulated through your home or place of business. These allergens and pieces of debris can cause respiratory issues and infections within those who frequent these sites.woman blowing her nose

Symptoms of respiratory infections can include:
  • Coughing
  • Chest congestion
  • A runny nose
  • Trouble breathing

If you notice any of these symptoms, seek appropriate medical treatment and be sure to check the cleanliness of your air ducts.

Sinus Infections

Sinus infections have also been connected to excessively dirty air ducts. Symptoms of a sinus infection include a stuffy or runny nose, sinus congestion behind your cheeks or eyes, regularly occurring headaches, or chronic fatigue.

If these symptoms are recurring even with regular medical treatment, make sure that your air ducts aren't the cause.

To schedule a service appointment for air duct cleaning in Wichita, contact On Time Plumbing, Heating & Air today!


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