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3 Reasons You Should Work on Your Air Quality During Your Upcoming Home Renovation

3 Reasons You Should Work on Your Air Quality During Your Upcoming Home Renovation


The degradation of air quality is one of the last things that many people in their homes notice during a home renovation until they start coughing, itching and feeling dizzy.

They might also notice dust in their food or bathwater or strong odors that interfere with their sleep. This is the result of not paying attention to the maintenance of their ventilation and filtration systems well before the starting date of your home renovations.

Knowing how important the maintenance of air quality is can help motivate homeowners to do things such as replace their air filters, use portable air cleaners and cordon off areas that are being treated.

Mold Spores, Mildew and Bacteria Cause Illness

One common occurrence during home renovations is the sudden release of bacteria and mold spores into the air that can cause respiratory distress, asthma and even a major allergic reaction that can send someone off to the hospital.

If black mold is detected behind bathroom tiles or walls, often the result of the friendly moist environment provided by leaky pipes, then it is best that you evacuate the premises until your home is entirely cleaned of it by professionals.

Dust and Particulates Into the Air Damage Your Lung and Heart

The very act of sawing, drilling and jackhammering can release all kinds of dust into the air. Breathing in this dust is often very harmful to your health and particulates caught in your lungs can cause the type of clots that cause heart attacks.

In this case, it is a good idea to make sure all fans and HVAC systems in your home are in good working order and that your entire family, including your pets, stay away from the dusty area that is being worked on. Covering any dusty piles with tarps or plastic also helps keep the harmful particulate matter from floating around in the air.

Toxic Fumes Cause Lung Problems and Brain Damage

Air FilterThe substances used to strip and varnish floors, along with paint and paint thinners are toxic enough to cause nervous system and brain damage if a person is exposed to them for too long.

Even if the odor of the fumes cannot be detected, home renovation projects often emit very toxic substances such as xylene, benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia.

These chemicals cause all kinds of chronic health problems such as chronic headaches, fatigue, anxiety, difficulty breathing, foggy thinking, hallucinations, and seizures. You can combat all three threats to your indoor air quality with portable air cleaners and also by opening the windows wide where there are areas treated with varnishes.

It also helps if you replace your furnace and air conditioner filters as often as possible as they will become filthier faster in this situation. Doing so will also help you save money on your energy bills as clean air filters help your HVAC run more efficiently in general, important also when the weather is dusty and hot. It is best for Wichita, KA residents to have them checked at least twice a year when "life is normal" but while you are renovating you may have to change the air filters every three weeks or so.


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