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The Best Water Leak Detection Tips

The Best Water Leak Detection Tips

For homeowners, it always feels like there's something about the residence that may need some work. Part of being a homeowner is being fiscally responsible and knowing what needs attention versus what can wait.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a leak is one of those things that can wait. We're here to explain how sometimes that's not the case.

Solve the Problem Early

A leak never seems like a big deal when you see it; especially when nothing is broken. But a leak is a part of your plumbing's "early warning system" in that it's giving you a head's up.

You have a problem that is smaller, more contained and localized right now. Ignoring it means you'd rather pay more money at a later date to solve a much bigger, more serious problem.

Right from the start, a leak is going to cost you some money. What most people don't realize is that a leak can drip out between 2,000 and 20,000 gallons in just one year.

It doesn't matter whether you used that money or not, your water company will still bill you for it all the same.

Placing the Leak

Fixing a leak means you'll need to know where it is, and possibly gauge the extent of it.faucet-leak

Some people may see a leak right on their faucet and quickly fix it with a wrench.

Others will need to do some tracking, checking fixtures like water heaters or toilets. Or inspecting water and sewage pipes.

If you want to know how bad a leak is, you can use your water meter.

Try shutting off the water in your home, then take a reading of your water meter.

Let 15 minutes elapse and take a new reading. If your meter is still tracking some water usage, you've got a pretty big leak on your hands.

Being Proactive

Probably the worst thing that can happen with leaks is that they eventually lead to a break in the plumbing somewhere.

hard-water If it's something like your sewage pipe, and it's inaccessible under normal circumstances.

So unfortunately, the only way to solve the problem may be to tear up a bathroom, kitchen or another area where the break is to get at the pipe and fix it.

If you don't want to do this, try finding the problem before it gets this serious.

Conduct an inspection of your pipes once or twice a year to see if you can early signs of leaks.

Another strategy is taking some preventive measures with your pipes.

People that enjoy high pressure in their showers may be shortening the lifespan of their plumbing with the constant strain.

By lowering the pressure of the water, plumbing can gain a few more years of durability and safe operation.


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