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Monthly HVAC Maintenance Tips to Help You Prevent Expensive Repairs

Monthly HVAC Maintenance Tips to Help You Prevent Expensive Repairs

Kansas is in that part of the country that gets the "full blast" of all the seasons, with complete summers and winters that bring both the heat and the snow.

That's why Wichita homes benefit from a complete heating, ventilation, and air conditioning-or HVAC-system.

But if you want to have warm winter nights, and cool summer days inside, you need to sometimes pay attention to your HVAC system.

Like any machine, it's built to run reliably, but it that doesn't mean you can ignore it once it's installed, up and running.

These simple maintenance tips will help to get more life and efficiency out of your HVAC.

Clear Out Your Outdoor Fixtures

clean-outdoor-acIf you have a modern high-efficiency furnace and air conditioner system, then there are air intakes and pipes for ventilation that you need to accommodate.

These are important for continued efficiency, as the air intakes will bring in air from the outside and process it for circulation.

The pipes, on the other hand, get rid of waste, such as water or steam.

Make sure you occasionally take a tour outside to look at how these fixtures are doing.

If they're blocked by anything, whether it's leaves or a bird's nest, take the time to clear them out.

Otherwise, that blockage will make your equipment work harder, and that, in turn, means you're paying more than you need to every month on your energy bills.

Replace the Filter on a Regular Schedule

An HVAC system has one easy consumable that needs attention, and that's the filter.

ac-filterThe filter, when properly inserted, captures the larger particles and contaminants that would otherwise be circulating throughout your home by your HVAC.

So the filter helps both operational efficiency and makes the air healthier.

That's why for normal households, replacing the filter every three months is advisable.

If you have a more demanding lifestyle, such as having a lot of pets, or being a smoker that regularly smokes indoors, you may need to replace your filter more often.

Check it periodically to see how clean it looks.

Get Your System Tuned Up Once A Yeartune-up

Having a professional tune up is a very efficient, comparatively low-cost way to ensure that you can avoid much more expensive repairs later.

In the same way an annual checkup with a doctor keeps you healthy, having an experienced technician look at your HVAC is great preventive maintenance.

An expert can give your HVAC the tune up it needs, replenishing coolant in the A/C to get it ready for summer, or giving the ventilation ducts a good cleaning to make sure nothing in there can damage your system.

All of this fixes small problems and prevents them from becoming big ones later.


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