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Enjoy Peace of Mind this Season with these 8 Winter Checklist Items

Enjoy Peace of Mind this Season with these 8 Winter Checklist Items

You either love winter or you hate it, but regardless of how you feel about the coming season, you still have to prepare your house for it.

And if you are a winter-hater, the good news is that this simple checklist will help keep your house warmer and more comfortable this season, meaning you can stay cozy, warm, and blissfully ignorant of the weather when it gets particularly nasty out there.

1. Have the Ventilation Inspected

Your HVAC and ventilation systems are what pump warm air around your house, so you want to make sure they're in proper working order and not leaking before you really need to rely on your furnace for heat. Just call in your local Wichita, KS HVAC professionals for an annual inspection, and they'll take care of the rest.

2. Change the Furnace Filters

Furnace filters are what keep the warm air in your house clean, and you should clean or replace them every three months at least, and ideally every month during the winter when the heat is running.

3. Test Smoke and CO Detectors

Smoke Detector CheckThere are three things you need to do to maintain your home safety devices:

Test them monthly, replace the batteries yearly, and vacuum them regularly to remove dust, dirt, and cobwebs that could prevent them from working properly.

4. Buy Extra De-Icing Salt

You have to lay down the salt in order for it to keep your walkways and driveway clear, so get out there now and pick up a couple of bags so you're ready for the first snowfall when it arrives. The last thing you want this winter is for somebody to slip and fall on your icy walkway, or to take a spill yourself.

5. Reinforce the Insulation

Insulated HomeAny access point into your house, including windows, doors, vents, fans, and even gas and electrical lines, can be a source for cold air to enter and warm air to escape.

To improve your home's efficiency and save money on heating bills, install weather stripping around all these areas to keep out drafts and keep warm air inside where it belongs.

6. Cover the Windows with Plastic

Old windows are an enormous draft source, and this can seriously affect the temperature inside and make the furnace have to work harder. Short of installing storm windows or upgrading to high-efficiency ones, a cheap and easy alternative is covering drafty windows with plastic to keep out the cold.

7. Clear Ice and Snow from Vents

Snow and ice can obstruct the exhaust vents and air intakes that are required for various functions around the house, including venting moisture from the kitchen, bathroom, and dryer. Throughout the winter, take time to make sure these vents stay clear.

Frozen Pipes8. Wrap the Pipes

Nobody wants to deal with frozen pipes and running water in the winter, but the situation can get even worse if the pipe bursts, because this can cause flooding and water damage to your entire plumbing system.

The easy fix is to wrap your water lines with insulating foam to protect them from the cold. The eight simple tasks on this checklist will keep your family safe, your house safe, and both warm and cozy, all while saving you money on your heating bill.

Even if you hate winter, you can still make the season more tolerable by having a warm and inviting house, and these tips will help you do just that.


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