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Gas Log Fireplace Installation in Wichita

Added Warmth & Elegance

Could there be anything more relaxing than curling up by the fire on a cool fall evening? Its warm glow will add an element of cozy elegance to your home that you’ll love. The skilled experts at On Time Plumbing, Heating & Air can help you achieve that dream vision for your living room, bedroom, or den.

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The Advantages of a Gas Log Fireplace

Homeowners seeking to add a cozy touch to their space may want to consider a gas log fireplace. These beautiful units can keep you warm and add a pleasant aesthetic to your home.

Gas log fireplaces are:

  • Convenient: A gas log fireplace lights instantly. There’s no need for kindling, matches, or wood for that matter. You won’t have to purchase logs, stack them, or haul them into the house.
  • Safer and cleaner: Gas fireplaces are safer than traditional fireplaces because they don’t give off sparks or create creosote that can become a chimney fire hazard. There’s no smoke or ashes to deal with that can be irritating to anyone with allergies and add dust in the house.
  • An excellent heat source: Gas fireplaces generate consistent and even heat. With wood burning fireplaces, the heat gradually diminishes as the logs burn down.
  • Easy to use: Starting your gas fireplace is as easy as flipping a switch or pressing the button on a remote control. The same goes for turning it off. People with wood burning fireplaces are often nervous about leaving them unattended while a fire is burning, and rightly so. That won’t ever happen with a gas-powered unit since you can simply shut it off.

Gas Log Fireplace Installation

The process of installing a gas log fireplace in Wichita is quite simple. If there’s already an existing fireplace there, our technician will make sure there is adequate ventilation. The next step is to remove elements of the old fireplace that aren’t needed, like the damper. We can then run the gas line and install the fireplace insert. Lastly, we will add any of the accessories you may choose, like imitation ash and glowing embers, and we will set the logs in place.

If you’re interested in adding a gas log fireplace to your home, call us today at (316) 285-1400.

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