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Hydrojetting in Wichita

Drain & Sewer Line Cleaning by Licensed Wichita Plumbers

Minor clogs located near the drain can be dealt with using other methods, but for particularly stubborn clogs, hydrojetting is very effective. It can even be used to blast through tree roots that have grown inside sewer lines. On Time Plumbing, Heating & Air has a team of Wichita hydrojetting experts who will be able to clear away your most impossible clogs quickly and efficiently.

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What Is Hydrojetting?

Every day, we send food waste down the kitchen drain. The fat and grease from food waste tend to accumulate along the inside of the pipes. Soap scum and dirt also contribute to that sticky gunk that then acts as a magnet for hair and other solid debris. The buildup grows and grows over time and can eventually become a clog that prevents water from flowing freely down the drain. Tubs and sinks can end up draining more slowly than usual or they can even cease to drain entirely.

Hydrojetting is a technique that uses a stream of water pressurized up to 4000 pounds and sent down the drainpipe to clear away virtually any blockage.

When Is Hydrojetting Needed?

Not all clogs require hydrojetting – that decision is best left up to your experienced On Time Plumbing, Heating & Air service technician. To determine the exact nature and location of the clog, we may use special waterproof video technology that can give us a firsthand look at the problem.

You may need hydrojetting if:

  • You have a tough household clog that cannot be cleared away using an auger or pipe snake.
  • You own a commercial establishment, such as a restaurant, hotel, or food processing facility, that is prone to drain clogs.
  • You wish to avoid expensive sewer line blockages in the future by utilizing hydrojetting for preventative maintenance.

Why Choose On Time Plumbing, Heating & Air for Hydrojetting Services

At our company, our Wichita plumbers are highly trained and have the experience needed to successfully and safely jet your drains. All of the work we do is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee to give you total peace of mind.

On top of that, all of our service technicians are friendly, approachable, and ready to answer any question you may have about our services and your plumbing needs. We’re dedicated to finding the right solutions to meet your needs and budget.

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